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1- I enjoy crosswords, word games, hidden word puzzles

2- I love calculations

3- I like drawing and painting

4-I find smart solutions to day-to-day problems easily.

5-I regularly do some physical activity and I enjoy it.

6-My handwriting is quite good and readable.

7- I feel better when I sing/listen to music

8- I prefer to do any job in team rather than individually

9- I maintain my daily diary to introspect myself

10- I want to see different places and do adventures like hiking, trekking etc.

11- I can easily do tongue twisters, and I can do that quite easily

12- I like to experiment with new 
things and understand science and technology in a practical way.

13- I like books with pictures and colours.

14- I remember faces of people easily.

15- I like working on practical models and projects over reading 
or writing.

16- I enjoy making diagrams and figures.

17- I play a musical instrument.

18- I love to get involved in social gatherings.

19- I enjoy my time alone in my room doing things I like.

20- I love pets/animals.

21- I can easily point out mistakes in any language.

22- I am always curious for logic behind everything.

23- I like photography.

24- In school I liked geometry more than algebra (Understanding).

25- I enjoy amusement parks and thrilling rides.

26- I can handle, assemble and manipulate small objects. 

27- I love collecting good songs.

28- I am a party person and I love outing.

29- I know myself and I’m sure about my qualities.

30- I watch discovery channel when I’m free

31- Decent and impressive vocabulary attracts me.

32- I find it easy to memorize cell phone numbers.

33- My family/friends love my colour choices.

34- I can draw without any reference picture.

35- I love walking and jogging.

36- I never spill food onto clothes or table when eating.

37- I sing/listen to music when I’m very happy/sad to relax.

38- I make friends easily.

39- I like quite places.

40- I loved watching birds and butterflies as a kid.

41- I love reading books/ articles/ blogs.

42- I like comparisons and understanding differences.

43- I can explain my ideas with the help of pictures.

44- If someone reads a story, I can easily imagine the scenes.

45- I need to practice problems and skills taught by writing to 
master them. Reading and watching are not sufficient for me.

46- I love writing.

47- I can easily tell if someone is singing any note off-key.

48- I learn better when I can discuss the topic or explain it to someone.

49- I love taking my own decisions and even I become stubborn if required.

50- I take care of plants in my surrounding.

51- I have a good vocabulary.

52- I enjoy solving puzzles and analytic questions.

53- I have a good sense of colour combination.

54- I remember directions to places easily.

55- I like to fix mechanical things and learn to fix new things.

56- I never find gift wrapping tough.

57- I enjoy musical concerts.

58- The first day of a new school makes me excited to meet new 
people and make new friends.

59- I know my capacity and talents.

60- I help/will help any animal if I see it in pain/problem.

61- I write nice speeches/essays/poems/stories and I write 
for pleasure.

62- I’m always curious about how things work.

63- I prefer working in a neat and tidy environment.

64- I visualize things to memorize them.

65- I enjoy challenging experiences and adventure.

66 - I can draw geometric figures precisely

67- I have a deep understanding of emotions and my friends talk 
to me if they have any problem.

68- I don’t find it difficult to talk to strangers.

69- I prefer to study alone.

70- I observe things in detail.

71- I can easily find grammatical mistakes.

72- I enjoy games like chess and checkers which use strategy.

73- I love decorating my room.

74- I can read maps without difficulty.

75- I’m generally walking when I talk on the phone/in person.

76- I doodle on the notebook when I think.

77- I’m usually singing/whistling/tapping a song.

78- I can understand another person’s problem and try to solve it.

79- I get intuitions.

80- I love to visit archaeological/historical places.

81- I can easily express my thoughts in simple words.

82- I love solving Sudoku.

83- I can easily differentiate between different shades of a colour.

84- I love taking things apart and putting them back together.

85- I am a good dancer and/or sportsperson.

86- I love doing arts and crafts activities.

87- I remember songs easily and recognize a song by tunes.

88- Easily understand people’s mood.

89- I usually think about my future and love planning about it.

90- I have a good sense of taste.

91- I enjoy the debate.

92- I find it easy to do any task in sequence and order

93- I find it easy to find mistakes in someone else’s artwork 
and suggest better colour options.

94- I find animation, graphics, special effects etc. very interesting.

95- I am generally never at the same place for a long time, 
I keep moving.

96- I can easily do minute detailing of drawing/ art/ model/ paper 

97- I usually tap my fingers or feet in a particular tune.

98- I love talking and sharing my experience

99- I worry about what others think of me.

100- I can easily adjust to a new place if I need to.

101- I love to listen to seminars, podcasts and audio sessions.

102- I remember any information in the form of diagrams and figures easily.

103- I hate sitting in one place.

104- I need quite surrounding to memorize.

105- I used to play games of finding the path, finding the 
difference between two pictures etc. as a kid

106- I use my hand gestures to explain things.

107- I read loudly to concentrate.

108- I doodle on paper when I think.

109- I walk when I discuss things of my interest.

110- I can recognize the voices of people and singers easily.

111- I work my plan in mind first before doing it.

112- I generally move my hands, legs etc while listening to an 

113- I remember songs and poems.

114- I remember people’s faces.

115- I love to make working models and 3-D structures .

116- I find it hard to imagine things in my head.

117- I imagine things first and then write my answers.

118- I write and practice to memorize things.

1- Do you like

2- Do you generally

3- Are you

4- What type of person are you?

5- How do you feel you are?

6- What explains your thinking?

7- How do you communicate with others?

8- You generally

9 - Other people call me

10- How do you describe yourself?

11- How do you behave?

12- you love your life to be

13- When you feel sad/angry, do you

14- Where do you feel your focus while working

15 - I generally

16- When you have to do a task, what do you do?

17- How do you feel when you plan for a new project?

18- What excites you?

19- How do you define yourself?

20- How do you treat people?

21- When someone asks you a question, do you 

22- What fascinates you to discuss

23- You are convinced by 

24- When given instructions,do you prefer

25- How do you feel about surprise visits of guests?

26- What are you more focused on?

27- What are you more pre-occupied with

28- When telling a story, do you

29- Do you

30- Do you feel more

31- What do you need more

32- Are you happier when

1. I can easily recognize my emotions as I experience them

2. I can stay calm even in difficult situations

3. I am clear about my goals for the future

4. People say that I am a good listener

5.  I am comfortable talking to anyone

6.  I can describe accurately what I am feeling

7.  I never lose my temper when I feel frustrated

8.  I act consistently to move towards my goals

9.   I find it easy to “read” people’s emotions

10.  I keep patience with incompetent  people too

11.  I understand the feedback that others give me

12. I plan and prioritize my work so that I don’t regret

13.   I can easily keep focus on something over the long term

14.  People choose to share their problems with me

15.   I enjoy working in groups



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