Satyam DS

Founder of Brain-o-Script

Satyam DS

About Me

I am Satyam, a personal growth catalyst and a passionate entrepreneur.

Ever since childhood I was curious to know ”Why do we do what we do?” This question opened a whole world of self awareness for me. While understanding my brain, I learnt a lot about personal growth and tapping into highest self potential.

I'm on a mission to help one million ambitious students to beat procrastination and build self discipline by providing them easy and structured system to follow.

Self introspection is an incredible tool for personal growth but students need an organized approach to do it and use it for building a wonderful career.

At Brain-o-Script, we help students to grow holistically, dream big and achieve all that they desire.

I've personally worked with over 500 students and conducted workshops for 25000+ people. I use all the experience and learning to direct the energy of ambitious individuals in the right direction.

I'm a highly result oriented coach and I believe in strategies and execution. You can expect to be transformed into a new YOU when you are in my world. 😊

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