Career Mentoring Program

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Career Mentoring Program


1- Phase I, Phase II, Phase III Counselling Sessions (3 sessions)
2- Reliable, Validated and Accurate 150 questions Psychometric test
3- 35 pages Comprehensive Career Report
4- Personality Type, Learning Style, Multiple Intelligence Distribution and Top 5 best-suited Careers
5- Post Counselling Workbook and Challenges
6- Personalized Career Action Plan
7- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


1- Career Shortlisting and selection
2- College and Course Selection
3- 360-degree Analysis
4- Career Path Planning
5- Comprehensive Career Report
6- Top 5 best-suited Career Recommendation
7- Career Information Booklet
8- Post Counselling Activities Workbook
9- Documented Counselling Reports
10- Yearlong Assistance

The students get hand-holding from the experts to land to the best suitable career which complements their competencies. 3 counselling sessions are planned for the report review, research on the best career option and personal development plan.

It will provide holistic development in the student’s personality and behaviour. This program is a combination of career counselling and life transformation coaching.