Exam time is here and I receive queries from mothers on how to deal with the stress and testing time that exams bring along. Especially students appearing for boards are so much bothered because we know that many things depend on how the students perform on their boards.

So, my this post is basically dedicated to the super ambitious mothers of champions!

What can I, as a mom/dad/guardian, do for my child?

How can I keep him/her calm and composed?

I really want them to excel in all they do. I’m so anxious.

These are the regular statements I hear from parents. So, I’ve spoken to students as what they need from parents during exams and my own observation on the same, I’ve picked 5 CRUCIAL PARENTING TIPS DURING EXAMS

Parents generally over expect from their child and wait for all their prayers to get answered in the form of report card! But it doesn’t happen that way. I know that we need to motivate students to chase for higher dreams.

But, every kid is different. Some students find it difficult to get marks even though they have subject knowledge. Please understand that no piece of paper can decide your champ’s fortune. So, accept your child for who he/she is.

During exams, do not repeatedly remind them of their target as it may put them into a more anxious situation.

All that a child needs during exams is a calm and compassionate environment to perform their fullest. 
I’ve seen parents lecturing children on do’s and don’ts for study. 
1. Read in mind
2. Don’t read in mind
3. Write 5 times
4. Get up at 4
And the list goes endless.
It’s the child’s preferred style of learning naturally, that would help him/her during the last month of exams. 
DO NOT try to change their habits all of a sudden during this critical period.

Here comes what you can do. Make healthy light food for the child. They need 3 wholesome meals and healthy snacks to munch in between. Children feel hungry more often during exams. Rather than giving stomach full one meal, increase the frequency of the food so that they don’t feel lazy, heavy and sleepy.

Avoid outside food for a couple of months as it might harm them.

Always keep a water bottle (preferably copper bottle) on their study table and keep an eye that they are well hydrated.

Make sure your child sleeps for 6-8 hours. This will keep their brain work effortlessly during the test.

Don’t say much. Just listen. They need to vent out all the emotional imbalances that they are facing. Be a good and patient listener. Be empathetic.

When a kid cannot express what he/she feels, they enter a more anxious zone. 
Our brain can not work in anxiety. It will either fight, flight or freeze. Here comes the answer when your child comes home and says, “I studied the whole topic but I don’t know what happened and I got blank. ” Because the brain could not handle the stress.

So, let them talk to you. Whether they want to talk about their mistakes, their fears, wrong questions they attempted etc. It may be anything. Listen.

No dialogues like:
-We have a lot of hopes beta
-I told you bottom pass time two months back, but you never listen to me
-We have invested a lot for your studies. You need to get good grades. 
-I know you can achieve whatever you wish for. -You will make us proud by getting __%

Children are very vulnerable during exams. Just love them unconditionally. Bless them with all the positivity you have. Trust them and make them trust that you love them for their efforts NOT RESULT!

My appeal to every parent is to sit with your kid before exams and tell them, ” You have done whatever you could do till now. Don’t worry about the results. Even if you fall, I’m there by your side! YOU ARE PRECIOUS FOR ME.”

Wishing all the best to all the students and their parents who are appearing for exams. Rock this exam season

Love. Light. Peace


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