I was watching a random movie with my 22 month baby, having a clear thought that he wouldn’t understand anything out of it. After the movie, to my surprise, he kissed me and said, ” mamma ab baby ko kissi Karo!” which means mamma kiss your baby now. And this was a scene where the kid and mom kiss each other in the movie which we were watching together.

This made me (happy obviously) and surprised that kids understand emotions even when they are not at all paying attention to the surroundings. I started reading and researching about the movies which could be an easy way to teach some of daily bits of lessons to the sweethearts.

I don’t say that this should be a routine but yes, being a child counselor I recommend that parents must spent some time with their children watching movies. After the movie, talk about it with them. Let them speak up and tell you what made them happy, which parts of the movie can reveal their insecurities, help them with that!

Do watch it with a physical touch with baby, keeping that smartphone miles away for a couple of hours. Immerse into the filmy land with him/her and come out with some morals, random acts of kindness and gratitude, connect it with your real world. This way it will help you and your child to understand about the world of emotions in an effective way!

Spend quality time with that li’l one. They deserve it!


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