Everyone is different and we, at Brain-o-script,  celebrate this uniqueness. Every Student, for obvious reasons, faces different issues in career selection and has different levels of confusion for the career.  If you are not sure of which zone of career clarity YOU are in, then you are in the right place. This article explains 4 zones of career clarity, it will help you in finding where you are and assist you to pave your path further.

We have curated a methodology for career planning which is reliable and efficient.

Career selection is a crucial decision and students feel lost and anxious to take this first big decision of their life. Parents are busy in their routine and with current rapid change in career trends, it becomes difficult for them to guide their children as the choice of courses that could be taken up is increasing drastically.

Students are in these four zones of career clarity :

Zone 1 – Those students who have no idea what career to choose

Zone 2 – Those students who are confused between 2 – 3 career

Zone 3 – Those students who have decided 1 career but are in self-doubt

Zone 4 – Those students who are confident about their career decision and Self Ability

The students can be relaxed and parents are assured of the best career advice if they are a part of Brain-o-script’s Career Mentoring Program.

What can Career Mentoring Program do for all these four sectors of students?

Zone 1. These students get a logical path to move on. They get a direction to put in their hard work and attention.

Zone 2. When the students are confused they get expert advice to choose one option out of many in your head. Picture of the future can increase the seriousness in the efforts of the student.

Zone 3. The students can expect guidance from the mentors on what to do to increase the chances of success in the profession they have already chosen. They can also get guidance on the skills to work on to excel in that particular career.

Zone 4. If you are in the fourth zone, then you are in a better situation than over 90% of your friends but still taking help and second opinion from an expert can validate your career choice and boost your confidence.

Research says that a person has an action plan, their chances of success increase drastically.

All the mentors at Brain-o-script are determined to create an action plan or road map to success for the students so that they can just focus on their studies.

Also, we take care of the student’s overall development. We assist them in all the possible ways to make their dreams come true.

In every student’s success, lies our victory.

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