EOS Masterclass

A Free Masterclass For Self Execellence

Agenda of this FREE Masterclass

Your brain is a reflection of your personality

What your brain does?

Why You should know your brain

evolution history of your brain

genetics and inborn traits

importance of introspection

how to introspect?

Know Your Mentors

Priyanka, Founder
Satyam, Founder

Priyanka and Satyam, founders of Brain-o-script and creators of this unique training program are die-hard fans of self-growth. The mantra which they follow is “Get better every day”.

Taking cues from the hurdles they have faced in their own lives, they have created a list of common problems faced by ambitious people on their journey to self excellence. All the solutions have been presented thoughtfully to create this action-oriented course.

Priyanka is curious, an avid reader and is drawn to Neuroscience and psychology. She is a certified NLP practitioner and a Life Coach.

Satyam is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, creative mentor and self-disciplined individual. He has done a lot of research and experiments to create effective tools to accelerate self-growth.

Together, they have impacted more than 20,000 lives via seminars, webinars, e-courses and meetups..


For all those people who want to organize and make their day more productive.

Yes, we’ll be using zoom platform to conduct this training.

There is one pre-training video followed by 2 hours of the live session.

Our team will send you a mail with all the details on Sunday as well as you can join our WhatsApp group to get all the notifications.

Nothing, Just come with an open mind, notepad and a pen.