Maintaining a journal is the best solution to keep yourself motivated and managed. Systematic planning for the day ahead helps our brain to be prepared for the tasks coming. The decrease in randomness increases productivity.
If you write a certain task in your journal, it makes you responsible and accountable to complete it within the given time.
“Failing to plan is planning to FAIL”. Students generally do not take their school days very seriously to maintain time trackers and journals and dairy, but what they do not understand is they are creating a HABIT!
Let me help you in building this absolutely GOOD habit. And yes you can thank me later… Maybe after 5-10 years?
Journaling is a simple task. If you search online, you’ll get hundreds of areas to keep a track on… Which will overwhelm you and you will skip it, thinking its tough.
To maintain the essence of keeping a journal and not to complicate the everyday task, here is a list of 5 MAJOR ELEMENTS FOR STUDENT JOURNAL
1. To-do-listThis section is filled a day before at night or early in the morning. This to-do-list should be divided into two sections i. School/study relatedII. Personal
3 tasks every day for school which includes homework /reading lessons/ project completion etc. Anything and everything related to studies are to be listed here. The personal section gets 2 tasks like making a card for friend/ cleaning closet/ helping mommy etc
2. Gratitude This section can make your life happier by reminding you of the blessings you have. Write 3 things from the day that you are thankful for. You can say thank you to your parents /friends /teachers/ body/ God etc.
3. Brain dumpDaily your brain irritates you by reminding/ forgetting stuff that is unimportant/important. So here in this section, you will dump ideas you want to keep for long term plans like summer vacation/mother’s day/ surprise for parents etc
The other thing is to write the best and the worst event of the day. This makes you feel lighter and emotionally sound.
4. Money tracker/ Requirement listAt the end of the month, students feel lost about where did there money go and they feel like they don’t spend much at the same time. Keeping a track of expenses can help you understand your spending habits and where can you save more. The other thing you can maintain is- list down the stationery and the stuff required as and when you feel it’s about to get over. See this section before leaving for shopping to avoid missing important things.
5. Tasks for the weekend
Write down the tasks you are planning to finish on the weekend like trying a new science project, stuff required, how to get help for it and everything that comes to your mind related to the weekend task.
In this way, you can work more systematically and accomplish more out of your student life. Even by managing Time well, you can get more time for hobbies, sports and friends.
Time management is a key skill in this era. Start practising it early.
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