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Flow of the course

Superhero Personality

Unlock your superhero personality and create a vision board

Success Mindset

Align your mindset for success and plan your next 90 days goal

Benefits of the course

Greater Productivity

Enhanced Focus

Clarity of Thoughts

Improved Performance

Self Understanding

Boosts Confidence



Growth Mindset hack cheat sheet

90 Days goal planner

Digital Vision board Tutorial

30-days challenge workbook

Exclusive FB group membership

Superhero Personality template

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Know Your Mentors

Priyanka, Founder
Satyam, Founder

Priyanka and Satyam, founders of Brain-o-script and creators of this unique training program are die-hard fans of self-growth. The mantra which they follow is “Get better every day”.

Taking cues from the hurdles they have faced in their own lives, they have created a list of common problems faced by ambitious people on their journey to self excellence. All the solutions have been presented thoughtfully to create this action-oriented course.

Priyanka is curious, an avid reader and is drawn to Neuroscience and psychology. She is a certified NLP practitioner and a Life Coach.

Satyam is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, creative mentor and self-disciplined individual. He has done a lot of research and experiments to create effective tools to accelerate self-growth.

Together, they have impacted more than 20,000 lives via seminars, webinars, e-courses and meetups.

Design your life 2.0 is a course trusted by over 3000 participants who have been benefitted from the flow and structure provided by DYL.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a course of 4 sessions, each session is 20-30 minutes long for conceptual knowledge. You also get 4 execution sessions, which are 15-20 minutes each.

Overall, it will take around 2-4 hours for you to attend the sessions and do the required assignments.

You will get execution videos after every module. Once you finish the execution video, you can consider that level achieved.

You can whatsapp your queries to our executives on 9951264501. You shall promptly get the required help.

We recommend to redo this course in regular intervals. This will ensure that your planning and execution evolves along with you.

The masterclass is designed to help you dive deep into how the brain behaves when you want to step out of your comfort zone, and how to train your brain properly to make this journey easier.

In the masterclass, the experts shall talk about:
- 4 questions to ask yourself
- Hurdles on the way to an extraordinary life
- Role of brain in self growth
- Three ways the brain works

You will get maximum benefit when you follow the flow of the course. However, the course and masterclass separately also work well.

You can attend the masterclass even if some part of the course is still not done on your part.

This is a self development course, hence we do not provide any certificate for completing it.

You will get a milestone tracker among the bonuses you get along with the course. We have taken care of every aspect so that you can create a success system for yourself.

You have to update your milestones and the completion of the milestone tracker given to you will help you track your achievement of goals.

No hassles. You just need to inform about your issue, answer a few questions so that we can understand the problem and your money will be refunded.

It is an exclusive facebook group for a dynamic community where Brain-o-script conducts capsule courses every 15 days and the community members can attend them for free/minimum token amount.

You can be an active member, learn from the mentors, apply the learnings and share your progress. You can ask your doubts and suggest topics for the next capsule course too!

You would have to drop your query on WhatsApp at 9951264501 or 9284490514 first and then if the query can not be resolved on WhatsApp, then you can connect with the team after taking a telephonic appointment.

Design Your Life 2.0

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