Positive affirmations are statements that create positive feelings. Positive affirmations help us rewire our brains, replacing patterns of thinking and believing that have been unhealthy, limiting, or restricting with positive thoughts that encourage our growth and healing. When they work, the positive affirmations replace negative, low-vibration thoughts with positive, high-vibration ones, improving our mood and outlook.
1. It should be believable :
If your mind is not able to convince that this can happen, then you need a more subtle affirmation to start with. Positive affirmation may just feel untrue or unattainable. For example, if you are very sick, saying “My body is healthy, strong, and healed” will likely trigger a gut, a subconscious response that is just the opposite. So every time you repeat your affirmation, you are also repeating the negative of it…“I do not feel healthy, I feel terrible!” In this way, you will make no headway with your affirmation. The key to this issue is to dial down your affirmation. Make it true for you, make it more subtle. Something like “I love feeling healthy, strong, and healed,” may be believable enough that your mind does not react against it.
2. It should be personal
The affirmations work when you use “I and me” in them. Your brain believes when you talk about self. Self-healing, self-care, self-esteem, self-love etc. The affirmations should be for self.
3. Positive and present
When you talk about the past, the brain enters a different phase where it remembers all the bruises first and then the blessings. When you talk about the future, the brain know that the future is uncertain! So, the affirmations have to be in the present tense with all your belief in it.
The statement is positive, so, instead of “I don’t want to pass with bad grades” use “I want to pass with good grades”.
Train the brain for positivity. It helps us to seek solutions rather than nagging on the problems.
4. Visualize the affirmation
The point when you can visualize the affirmations is achieved when you truly believe what you are saying. Visualize every small detail of your affirmation. If you say “I am getting better every day “. Visualize that your health is getting better, financial status is getting better, relationships are getting better, everything around you is getting better!
5. Emotions are the secret ingredient
Humans are the beings of emotions, emotions emit a frequency, frequently creates everything we have around us! When you can FEEL the happenings of the affirmations while visualizing them, you are very near to attract that you say in the REAL world.
Feel the spark in the eyes, the beats getting happier, the breath getting the pace of excitement and the feeling of joy the could be sensed by a stranger when you achieve what you are affirming.
When you meditate and practice affirmations daily it brings a positive shift in your routine, no doubt! Do it for self, do it for family, do it for children, do it for the environment, for love, for growth, for health, for everything! “What you seek is seeking you! -Rumi

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