1. Choose Your Words Carefully

Whether it feels like it or not, the words we speak to our children cut deep. What we tell them now is the inner voice they will hear years and years after they leave our homes. It is the inner voice they will hear when they begin to manage their own home and begin their own family. Chose your words carefully.

2. Your actions say more than your words do.

More is caught than taught. You know that. We are the very first example of what womanhood and motherhood look like to our children. My mom could have told me 100 times, “never leave your home untidy” but what I remember is that she did it. She didn’t have to tell me, because I saw her prioritize it. And your kids, no matter how old they are, know what you prioritize as well. They see what you are passionate about and what you tend to ignore. If you are brave enough, ask them. Ask them what things are most important to their mamma and see what they say. It could be a good conversation to have and an indicator of how they perceive your actions

3. Be intentional.

Great parenting doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a fabulous mix of intentionality and God’s grace to make up the difference. Left to our own devices it’s easy to become selfish. It’s easy to demand “me time” or distract ourselves from important work. Don’t misunderstand me, we all need a break, but the number of things vying for our attention these days is endless and often only one click away. Be intentional with how you spend your time, your life. Be intentional about how you train your children, what you teach them.

4. Never stop growing.

Our kids are growing and changing and the demands of this mamma job bring new challenges all the time. Find a good mentor, read great books (or blogs!), listen to awesome podcasts (my new favourite) and challenge yourself to keep growing. Learn new ways to break bad habits. Learn methods to create peace in your home, to deal with overwhelm, to help sibling rivalry. Don’t spin your wheels when there are many women who have made it through the very thing you are struggling with – and survived. Use their knowledge, their experience and keep growing.

5. Choose to speak life to your children.

Of all the things my mama’s voice could be saying in my head, “never leave your home untidy” is a pretty good one. It has served me well. As you are going about your day, choose to speak life over your children. Tell them who they are in your family, encourage their strengths, carefully grow them in their weaknesses, but let your words give life to them. That life, those words, will serve them for years to come.

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