Rituals and rules give your child a boundary for the way to behave. These healthy boundaries help them to groom in a better way. The family should follow some rituals and create good habits which can create a foundation for their better future.

I’ve listed 5 major rituals which, if followed every day, can help your family to grow together

1. Rituals that teach responsibility :

Every member of the family should be responsible and accountable for different tasks. You can make a list of daily /weekly /monthly tasks that are to be taken care of by each member of the family. You can include your children very effectively. Children who are involved in daily tasks perform better as an individual when they grow up.

Give your child tasks like making the bed as they get up, picking up books and toys and keeping them at their place, folding their clothes and age-appropriate chores. Explain to them what you and your partner contribute to the family on a daily basis, so that the kid can relate and do the task willingly.

2. Rituals that promote kindness and compassion

You lead by example here, the kid observes the way you talk to the house helps, security guard, family members and strangers. Treat people around you with kindness. Show them how to help others and share their stuff with friends. The joy of kindness and sharing is immense.

3. Rituals that boost positivity

You should have defined family toys when all the members of the family have fun together post-dinner. Share your experiences of the day and talk of the things other than study and office work. Discuss the good things that happened, the bad things and talk openly about it.

Also, inculcate a habit of showing gratitude daily.

4. Rituals that build a strong family connection

Greet everyone a full of energy good morning and loving the good night. Prepare dinner considering the choices of every member once in a week or 10 days. Celebrate festivals, birthdays with Super fun, have play dates and movie nights once in a while.

Spend as much quality time you can, because your kids are growing up very fast. Love them a little more, till they really not little anymore ❤

5. Rituals that induce a sense of belonging

The child should feel the connection and the sense that the whole family belong to each other. Teach them ways to show their love, happiness and sorrow with family, go on long drives and talk about life. Teach them something new every day and learn from them how to live life to the fullest every day. Never hold grudges. The family needs to be together through thick and thin and every member should be valued.

These five rituals can bring a brighter shift not only in your child’s life but in yours too. A parent has to do things in an orderly way as what they DO is what they TEACH, not what the say!

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